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NO service fee for the 1st month

Your personal telephone service - test it live now !

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The telephone secretary that supports entrepreneurs and relieves employees

What is taken for granted in large companies, young and smaller businesses often cannot afford. We're talking about a constantly manned switchboard that transfers incoming calls to the desired conversation partner, arranges call-back appointments, or provides information on behalf of the management. As experienced specialists are scarce or having own telephone secretaries is not contemplated, more and more start-ups as well as tax, design, and architectural firms are utilising the telephone secretary services of Office24. Because the benefits are significant.

Especially in small companies with up to six employees, it's not uncommon for the few staff members to share the phone duties. What initially seems practical has proven to be unfeasible in the long run. On the contrary, if no one answers the phone multiple times in a row due to vacation, break, or illness, it can cost orders and customers.

Unrestricted telephone accessibility as a customer retention tool

To relieve their employees from shared telephone duties and save costs through more efficient work, Office24's telephone secretary has proven to be extremely effective for small and medium-sized businesses. As promotional and less important calls are filtered by our experienced staff and customer calls are directly transferred to the desired individuals, the phone now rings significantly less frequently. And transferred calls only reach those responsible for the specific issue. A true win for everyone! Employees enjoy full concentration on their core tasks - customers appreciate the good personal accessibility. And thanks to the call notes recorded for each call, the management is always kept informed.

Comfortable external appointment scheduling that relieves

Many decision-makers with a full schedule now also utilize Office24's practical calendar synchronisation, which allows our virtual secretaries to arrange appointments without bureaucracy - thus relieving leadership personalities. This is another reason why our cost-effective telephone secretary is increasingly valued by companies. With Office24, you only pay for the calls we answer and handle.

Discover the benefits of a significantly reduced call volume filtered by Office24, while maintaining constant personal accessibility of your company.

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NO service fee for the 1st month
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Starter tariff
from £39.00 / month

The ideal tariff for small companies and everyone who only occasionally needs the telephone service. The Beginner tariff ensures minimal fixed costs and full flexibility.

Standard tariff
from £79.90 / month

The tariff for self-employed individuals and small businesses who wish to use the telephone service regularly. Lower service fees are tailored to the increased call volume.

Professional tariff
from £179.90 / month

The tariff for everyone who wants to rely on Office24 around the clock. Including 5 employee secretaries and 24h service. Ideal for hotlines and larger companies.

Sophie Allen

Customer Service

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What our customers say

This service is a great help when my secretary is on holiday or when the firm's solicitors are in court or in a meeting. We are always given immediate notification of our customers' needs, even when we are out of the office or cannot take calls.

Mr. Thorpe
LLB (Hons)

It’s been two years now that we have worked with Office24. We have quite specific demands in regards to our customer service, and at first we doubted we could find an external partner that would manage our incoming phone calls to our expectations. But Office24 is high quality, personalised, friendly and flexible. We finally found what we were looking for!

Ms. Bennett
Head of Marketing

Working with Office24 allows us to use the human resources of our company more effectively, our customers can now reach us 24/7 and in different languages! It has definitely given us an advantage over our competitors.  

Mr. Mitchell

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