Special conditions for the use of the Office24 Free Trial 

Office24 provides interested parties with a two-week free trial of its secretarial services, during which they can test the services free of charge. The following special conditions apply:

§ 1

The free trial begins on the day of order confirmation and runs for two weeks. It ends, without the need for termination, on expiry of these two weeks.

§ 2

The free trial is free of charge and does not give rise to any payment obligations on the part of the client.

§ 3

During the free trial, the client is obliged to use the services of Office24 only to an extent that enables him to become acquainted with and test these services to a reasonable extent ("fair-use policy"). If the free use of the services by the client considerably exceeds the reasonable scope (e.g., through use within the framework of a marketing campaign), Office24 shall be entitled to terminate the period of free use prematurely. The same shall apply in the event of use of the free trial account for purposes other than those specified in sentence 1 or for purposes which are otherwise unlawful.

§ 4

In all other respects § 1, § 3 paragraphs 1, 8 and 9, § 7, § 8 and § 10 of the General Terms and Conditions of Office24 shall apply.