An app for all occasions

  • Real-time efficient call routing
  • Immediate implementation of your instructions
  • Flexibility and Adaptability.
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The remote control for your secretary

A telephone secretary is only as good as its capabilities. How convenient would it be to have access to all information and settings related to the telephone service at any time? With our app for iOS and Android, you can do just that.

Everything in Sight

You can view all call notes, your Office24 calendar, and the Office24 address book at any time in the app. This way, you can stay up to date on the go and call important customers or business partners back with one click if necessary.

Everything is a Matter of Settings

Whether you want to pass on a different absence reason, add a new VIP, or change the default behavior of the secretary - you can make these and many other settings directly in the app. This way, the secretary can act exactly as your business and your personal needs require. So you can shape your day successfully and relaxed.

Our app makes things easier for you and makes you even more flexible.

Control real-time call answering

Every missed call is one too many. And let's be honest, an answering machine is no substitute for a friendly and professional secretary. Do you want to give yourself more freedom? 

Do your employees need some peace and quiet to be able to concentrate on important tasks? Or does your business need flexible resources to grow? 

No matter what challenges you want to take on, we are here to support you.

Call history with detailed call notes

For a complete documentation, you can always keep an eye on all the notes from the conversations you have had in the app. For example, if you need to make evening callbacks or quickly make sure you haven't missed anything urgent during the day, you can conveniently scroll through your call history in the app.

Manage your contacts

Share your address book with us so that we can recognize your callers even before we pick up the phone. This way we also know how to spell the names of your contacts correctly. You can also mark VIPs in your address book and give us special instructions for these important contacts, such as always transferring them to you no matter what appointment you are in.

Sync your calendars

Synchronise your calendars with us so that we can always keep track of your appointments and act accordingly - it doesn't matter whether you are working with Microsoft 365, Google Calendar, Calendly or other tools, we will adapt to your infrastructure. You can also give us times when we can make appointments with your callers, so that you can relax in this regard as well.

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