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How our telephone service handles recurring customer inquiries

Companies that run many ads often require substantial capacity to handle inquiries associated with external communication. Property management firms, real estate companies, and various industrial operations, especially those seeking many employees, can find the telephone responses to their advertisements quickly overwhelming. Larger firms in particular may have professional office management or secretarial staff, but these employees also have higher-qualified tasks, such as invoice verification, preparatory accounting, aspects of purchasing, or organising presentation and meeting appointments.

Constant telephone inquiries can disrupt daily business

Even if managing the phone system falls under traditional reception tasks, constant ringing can impact the entire core business. As soon as dozens or even hundreds of applicants inquire by phone about an apartment or job position that has already been assigned, it's high time to consider a professional telephone service. Because issuing rejections costs time and money but brings no reciprocal or added value to your company.

Also, official changes in prices or laws that affect existing customer contracts can cause call volumes to skyrocket without the need to delve into specific individual cases. In such situations, Office24's telephone service proves valuable for answering recurring customer questions. The advantage for efficiently operating companies: well-paid regular staff can turn to other tasks. And you can confidently leave the task of providing standard information to Office24's skilled phone agents.

Our telephone service provides standardized information and alleviates the workload of employees

Whenever capacities are booked up early, the telephone service from Office24, which is also popular with hotels, proves to be worthwhile. The same applies to medical practices, which can no longer manage the number of telephone vaccination inquiries, despite having no vaccines left. Since we provide such recurring information on your behalf, practice managers can once again dedicate themselves to their patients and focus on their primary tasks. Similarly, our industry-experienced staff members alleviate the workload of therapeutic institutions, which initially have to put inquiring clients on a waiting list. However, the potential scheduling of appointments via calendar synchronisation is an optional extra.

In the area of inquiry management, Office24 offers multiple usage options. You can either redirect all calls directly to Office24, allowing our telephone staff to filter them based on relevance and forward individual callers to the corresponding contact persons. Alternatively, you can set up separate telephone numbers for specific concerns, which we will then fully take over on your behalf. There are numerous innovative ways to use our intelligent telephone service when there's an increased volume of calls. We look forward to introducing these to you and implementing them occasionally.

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NO service fee for the 1st month
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Starter tariff
from £39.00 / month
from £39.00 / month

The ideal tariff for small companies and everyone who only occasionally needs the telephone service. The Beginner tariff ensures minimal fixed costs and full flexibility.

Standard tariff
from £79.90 / month
from £79.90 / month

The tariff for self-employed individuals and small businesses who wish to use the telephone service regularly. Lower service fees are tailored to the increased call volume.

Professional tariff
from £179.90 / month
from £179.90 / month

The tariff for everyone who wants to rely on Office24 around the clock. Including 5 employee secretaries and 24h service. Ideal for hotlines and larger companies.

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Customer Service

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What our customers say

This service is a great help when my secretary is on holiday or when the firm's solicitors are in court or in a meeting. We are always given immediate notification of our customers' needs, even when we are out of the office or cannot take calls.

Mr. Thorpe
LLB (Hons)

It’s been two years now that we have worked with Office24. We have quite specific demands in regards to our customer service, and at first we doubted we could find an external partner that would manage our incoming phone calls to our expectations. But Office24 is high quality, personalised, friendly and flexible. We finally found what we were looking for!

Ms. Bennett
Head of Marketing

Working with Office24 allows us to use the human resources of our company more effectively, our customers can now reach us 24/7 and in different languages! It has definitely given us an advantage over our competitors.  

Mr. Mitchell

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