How to divert your calls and stop losing money and customers

How to divert your calls and stop losing money and customers

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As a professional or entrepreneur you are constantly on the go. In your high-paced working life you will be in situations where you can miss important calls or be in a situation (meetings, business travel, etc.) in which by answering, you would not make the best impression.

If you work mostly on the phone, it can also be that one of your prospects tries to call you and finds your line busy. This is something you shouldn’t underestimate. Even in the age of the Internet, the phone still accounts for 60% of potential customers first choice of communication channel, used to establish the first contact with a company or a professional. Faced with a failed telephone contact or with a busy line, most potential customers won’t try to call you a second time, instead, they will turn to your competitors.

Consumer behavior studies conducted on companies’ telephone availability have also shown that more than 63% of callers hang up before leaving a voicemail message. It is also estimated that due to a lack of telephone availability, companies lose on average each year 30% of their revenue.

Fortunately there’s a way to stop losing money and customers, and this is called “call divert” or “call forwarding”; a service provided by every telephone provider (both on landlines and mobile phones) that allows you to divert your calls to a phone number where somebody is ready to answer on your behalf.

Our telephone and secretarial services can be easily activated by setting up a simple call forwarding option and will provide you with the best telephone reachability. When you are out of office, when your line is busy or you don’t want to be interrupted, outside of your normal office hours, and even on weekends and statutory holidays.

The procedures for setting up the call divert in the UK are the same for both landlines and mobile phones.

How to set up a Call forwarding to your Office24 secretarial service:

1) Forward all incoming calls

To adjust dial: **21* (+44 Destination number) #

To cancel dial: ##21#

2) Forward your calls only when your line is busy

To adjust dial: **67* (+44 Destination number)#

To cancel dial: ##67#

3) Forward your calls when your phone is switched off or does not have reception

To adjust dial: **62* (+44 Destination number)#

To cancel dial: ##62#

 4) Forward your calls if you do not answer within about 7 seconds

To adjust dial: **61* (+44 Destination number)#

To cancel dial: ##61#

Our tip: Divert your calls to your Office24 secretarial service right now and enjoy your new telephone availability!