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Office 24's professional and friendly live call answering service saves you time and money.

What drives us

office24.co.uk has begun to ease your daily work! Why constantly sit in the office, when you could do your job just as well from a laptop at the beach? The modern working world is changing and offers more flexibility and self-determination - If you know how to use the new possibilities. As a secretarial service with secretaries who focus exclusively on the still often underestimated caller care, we are a service provider with a passion.  We ensure the perfect first impression for your company and firmly believe that through the clear focus on the one important task - namely the care of your callers – we can obtain significantly higher quality than a classic secretariat, which typically also have many other tasks to be done in parallel. For the classic secretariat in many companies the phone is more of an annoying distraction. In contrast we’re not just about answering phones. We’re about inspiring our clients and team members, trying to find that special something that will knock your socks off. 

Who we are

Office24 was founded in 2012 exclusively to provide secretarial services. This is what distinguishes us from many of our competitors that operate a call center with employees who accept telephone calls for you, but also sell insurance or conduct a telephone survey. We are not a call center, we are a secretariat with secretaries who receive extensive training and practice their profession with passion. We ensure that an important competitive advantage for your company not gets lost in an increasingly technology-focused, virtual world: Real and meaningful connections.

How to reach us

We welcome any dialogue with you because feedback - whether it is praise or criticism - is very important for us to develop our service and satisfy your requests at any time. You have an idea for collaboration or would like to recommend our service? You are interested in relevant affiliate programs? We look forward to your call: +44 1179 119 190 or e-mail to info@office24.co.uk

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