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The term "Virtual Secretary" doesn't belong to the standard repertoire of every entrepreneur. Too bad, because behind the word lies a range of benefits and services that relieve you as a business owner, make life easier, while still improving the visibility of your business and customer orientation. On the following pages we have therefore collected tags and terms for you, often asked about which or whose meaning is often unclear. Take a look around and get to know the world around secretarial services! It harbors great potential, also you should use for your company and yourself.

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Frequently asked questions around the virtual secretary

Can I change my call answering requirements?
Can I decide when I want my "virtual secretary" to answer my calls?
Can I visit Office24 and meet the call handling agents?
How can I pay for my invoices?
How can you make appointments on my behalf?
How much is it to divert my calls to Office24?
I have changed my mind and want to use your service again despite prior cancellation
What if I do not want to continue the service?
What is the difference between a virtual secretary and a call handling service?
What training do the call answering agents receive?
Who will be answering my calls?
Why should I use Office24?
Will my customers know I am using a call handling service?

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