Our Virtual Secretary at office24.co.uk Our Virtual Secretary at office24.co.uk Our Virtual Secretary at office24.co.uk
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Your own virtual office assistant

With an array of services your virtual phone office can assist you in all aspects of your business

Instant call notifications

Whenever you are unavailable your virtual office assistant will send you a message immediately; either by e-mail, SMS or fax. You can change your phone answering instructions as often as you like with no extra charge.

Daily updates

We operate with a market leading, sophisticated call handling system ensuring all your virtual office assistants are continuously aware of your day-to-day call handling requirements. Whenever you are in a meeting or out of the office, we can handle your calls.

Call screening and forwarding

Our call answering and forwarding service offers you direct access to your callers. Your calls are screened in your virtual phone office so that you are constantly available to your most important clients or prospective partners, with no missed business opportunities.

24 live answering service

Your virtual office assistant service can be set up with a personalised voicemail, to provide you with a consistently professional image to customers who ring outside of office hours. You will receive e-mail notifications of the messages, with an mp3 link to listen to the message.

Appointment service

We work as if we are present in your office. Your virtual office assistant can manage your diary, using a fully integrated online calendar system.


Our virtual office assistants are able to take your dictations from an mp3 recording and send the typed document back to you overnight or, depending on the urgency of the task, within either a 3 or 5 workday deadline.

Outbound calls

We ensure you make the most of your time. Your virtual office assistant can take care of your clients when you are unavailable. We can make outbound calls to your customers on behalf of your business.

Record keeping

We keep a full record of your calls for your convenience; you can refer back to all communication between your virtual phone office or assistant and your customers at any time.

Individual lines for your colleagues

We cater for companies of all sizes, whether you have 2 or 20 employees. Office24 can provide additional individual lines for your colleagues, as well as forward incoming calls to various members of your company.

European representation

We offer German, French and Italian phone lines so you can expand your business within Europe. Fully trained native speakers ensure that your calls are handled professionally.

Customer service

You can avoid time-consuming queries, sales and marketing calls by allowing your virtual phone office to take your customers’ orders and send important product- or service information to your customers.

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