Your virtual PA will answer your calls to your exact specifications as if based in your office.

Virtual secretaries are proven to not only save you time and money, but also assist with customer retention

Whether you are talking to customers, in a meeting, on vacation or just enjoying an evening off, our friendly secretaries will receive your telephone calls in your company name.

You can decide at any time whether to receive all or only certain calls. In addition we can make appointments, give information or standard documents (eg fliers and price lists) in your name.

Your callers will not be aware that your call forwarding and acceptance services are being provided by our company. Our own cutting-edge software - which we have developed entirely in-house - immediately recognizes incoming calls and provides your secterary with all your company's information at a glance.

Your customers will always feel like they are in professional hands and your calls will be processed quickly - all while you can concentrate on the really important things to advance your company!

From your business to your virtual receptionist

Discover how Office24’s call handling works in 5 easy steps, and how we can provide you with virtual receptionists who can professionally take care of your clients or business partners 24/7.

Ready in 10 minutes

Our telephone service can be set up within 10 minutes and your secretary is ready for you.

Your specifications

Tell us how your secretary is to answer the phone, eg "Hello, Example Ltd. How may I help you?". We would like to provide an excuse for you, so please tell us which information to give to callers, such as "I'm sorry, Mr. Smith is in a meeting". You can also set up a VIP list whose members are always transferred to you, and make many other adjustments.

Easy Call Forwarding

Set up a simple call forwarding service for your telephone for any times when you do not wish to take your calls personally. This is possible with any standard phone, you do not need any special technical knowledge. Our Customer Service can assist with the setup.

Office24 takes your calls

Incoming calls are now answered by your Office24 secretary according to your specifications. Your secretary takes a note with the callers name, call back number and the caller's concern, but can also make appointments for you or take simple orders. By the way, secretaries that are native speakers can answer your calls in German, French, Italian or Spanish, too.

Immediate information

Immediately following the call, your Office24 secretary will ship a call note by e-mail or text. Thus you are always informed.

Speak to your virtual PA now!

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We Value Your Customers

Reduce your fixed costs

Your customers and their calls are as important to us as they are to you, and we ensure that the same virtual secretaries who look after your clients and business consistently handle your calls.

International Representation and Prestige

Reduce your fixed costs

A virtual secretary will lend your business a more professional and prestigious image without creating a hole in your pocket. In addition to this, the integration of business across Europe demands a full spectrum service and capability from your business. We now offer virtual secretary assistance in four major languages: English, German, French and Italian.

On demand and customized service

Reduce your fixed costs

With our 24 hour service we can meet the needs of your business around the clock, supporting your customers to connect with your business at any time. The service can be tailored to meet your requirements whenever you need the support.

Affordable and professional

Reduce your fixed costs

As your business grows and develops we enable you to stay in control of your finances with our pay as you go service. Our affordable and efficient virtual PAs ensure that your business is equipped to handle your customers professionally.

How to use the free Live Test:

  1. Call your live test number, and our friendly PAs will answer with your company name.
  2. Introduce yourself as an existing or prospective customer.
  3. We will send you a message by email or text.

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