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Employee selection, Human resources

Hiring employees – How you choose the right ones (part 2)

Let’s revisit the best way to reveal an applicant’s genuine attitude. Rule number 3: Meet interesting candidates several times and give them various tasks. You can’t get to know someone solely on the basis of one interview over the phone and a subsequent meeting in person. You need a multilevel selection procedure.

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Employee selection, Human resources

A Guide to hiring new employees – how to select the right applicants (part 1)

Unfortunately, most companies have a difficult time hiring the right employees. Most of us probably have made some bad decisions when it comes to hiring new employees. In fact, this can happen to anyone. It is simply human to make mistakes. Of course it would be nice, though, if the process of hiring could be improved.

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call divert, call forwarding

How to divert your calls and stop losing money and customers

As a professional or entrepreneur you are constantly on the go. In your high-paced working life you will be in situations where you can miss important calls or be in a situation (meetings, business travel, etc.) in which by answering, you would not make the best impression.

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Virtual Assistant for Entrepreneurs

The art of delegation – and how to learn it

It’s an all-too-common scene. There’s your desk, almost invisible under a mountain of paper; there you are, giving yourself a crash course in something that would be best tackled by a specialist. There are your evenings and weekends, sacrificed to another deadline, another appointment.

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Productivity, Small Business Owners

working tools

How to find the right working style in each situation

Different working styles all have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. A working strategy that is productive and helpful in one particular situation, could be an obstacle or problem for the next. Of course, each of us strives towards professional development by combining many positive characteristics of the different working styles as possible

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Virtual Assistant for Professionals

Virtual Secretary

No time? No problem! Why Mini-Outsourcing is the Perfect Solution for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Alike.

Whether freelancer, small business owner or entrepreneur, everyone faces the same general challenges whilst managing growing pains, finding time for expanding one’s business and of course juggling a bit of every task from accounting to answering phones.

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