Why use a call answering service?

Your business will benefit from a call answering service in many ways

8 reasons to use a call answering service

  • Save Money

    Hiring a call answering service will only cost you 10% of employing a traditional office assistant, with no hidden costs or administrative hassle.

  • Free time

    You have more time to develop your business or see your clients because your phone is not ringing off the hook!

  • Infrastructure

    Professional call answering services possess the infrastructure to provide a multi faceted quality service at a cheap price.

  • Training

    Call answering service agents are trained in sophisticated call answering software and will understand your requirements from the first time they answer your calls.

  • Customer service excellence

    Call answering service agents are also versed in specialty customer service and will represent your business better than the average secretary.

  • Caller retention

    Did you know that 68% of callers will not leave a message on an answering machine? The personal service offered by a call answering service will impress your customers and grow your client base.

  • Convenience

    You do not need to fret in times of sick leave or staff holidays; having a call answering service on standby ensures all your bases are covered.

  • Prestige

    As a small business, using a third party call answering service allows you to easily obtain an image of professionalism and establishment.

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